PROFESIONIST / Seller – irinavoinea.com, the trade name of IV CLOTHING SRL with its headquarters in ALEEA NINSORII 5-7, SECTOR 3, BUCHAREST, having the serial number in the Trade Register J40/16149/2016, unique tax registration number 36820192.

Product: Products with the feature elements specified on the website.

Brand: product brand.

Consumer / User / Client: any natural person or group of individuals set up in associations as defined by the Community Consumer Acquis and which is a contracting party to the distance contract concluded on the website.

Professional: Product vendor, contracting part of the distance contract concluded on the website.

Buyer – a natural person or a group of individuals, a legal entity, or any legal entity that creates an Account on the Site and places an Order.

“Username” – a pseudonym by which a particular User / Client / Purchaser may add Content to the Site. The nickname is associated with information on the User / Customer / Buyer’s Site under the Terms and Conditions: all terms and conditions stored on the website and which constitute the terms and conditions of the distance contract.

Communication / Information Information: Any information communicated exclusively by the Digital and exclusively through a durable support between the Professional and the User.

Remote Contract: any distance contract concluded between the Contracting Parties on the basis of the terms and conditions of the website becoming objectionable to the Contracting Parties from the moment the Confirmation of the Purchase Order / Purchase Option is communicated by the Professional.

User Account: section created on the website that allows communications between contracting parties.

Favorites – a section of the Account that allows the Buyer / User to create Lists.

List – the Favorites page in which the Buyer / User can add Goods they consider to be preferred and which he / she can later add to the shopping cart (“my cart”).

Site – www.irinavoinea.com domain and its subdomains;

Order / Purchase Option: User communicated via the website of his order / purchase option of the product he / she added digitally to his / her virtual shopping cart on the website.

In stock / product is in stock: communication of product availability so that it can be ordered.

Buyer: The User / Customer / Consumer or any other person designated by the Consumer who pays the selling price of the product ordered.

Recipient of the Packaged Product: The buyer who receives the packaged product at the delivery address communicated by the User via the website.

Goods and Services – all products and / or services, including the documents and services mentioned in the Purchase Order, to be delivered by the Seller to the Purchaser following the conclusion of the Contract.

Site Content

All information on the Site that can be accessed, viewed or otherwise accessed by using electronic equipment; the content of any email sent to Buyers by the Seller by electronic means and / or any other means of communication available; any information communicated by any means by an employee / collaborator of the Seller, the Purchaser, according to the contact information, whether specified or not; information relating to the Goods and / or Services and / or the prices charged by the Seller in a given period; information relating to the Goods and / or Services and / or tariffs practiced by a third party with whom the Seller has concluded partnership contracts in a given period; Seller’s data, or other privileged data. Newsletter – a means of informing only periodically, exclusively electronic, e-mail (e-mail, SMS) on the Goods and Services and / or promotions carried out by the Seller in a certain period without any commitment from the Seller with reference to the information contained of it.

Transaction – Receipt or reimbursement of a sum resulting from the sale of a Good and / or Service by the irinavoinea.com, the Purchaser, through the use of the card processor services agreed by the Seller, regardless of the delivery method.

Recipient of the Packaged Product: The buyer who receives the packaged product at the delivery address communicated by the User via the website.

Website content: words, graphic symbols, or combinations thereof that are produced and delivered on the web site in a digital format in an intrinsic manner (such as: the source program and related programs of the website, the website’s database, etc.) or explicitly by means of: texts that are or not in documents, presentation fields, specifications, interactive forms.

Use of Abuziva: the use of the content of the Website by the User other than by means communicated, or contrary to the Terms and Conditions, or by means that are contrary to law and may cause harm to third parties.

Violations: the use of the content of the website by third parties other than by means communicated, or contrary to the Terms and Conditions, or in ways that are contrary to law and which may cause harm to the Professional, the User or other third parties. Purchase Invoice:

Purchase invoice for the product, communicated to the Consumer.

Commercial Warranty: a Professional’s commitment to the Consumer, in addition to its legal obligations relating to the legal guarantee of compliance, in relation to the products sold and / or the services rendered, in accordance with the information provided in the section of the website: “Instructions and quality and warranty certificate “.

Instructions and Quality and Warranty Certificate: Information provided in the “Product Warranty” section of the Product Quality Certification website, warranty terms and instructions for use.

Other (additional) instructions: product use information for the products ordered, Supplementary Communications provided by the Professional, other than those provided in the “Instructions and Quality and Warranty Certificate” section, to the extent that such instructions are deemed necessary by the User and are insured by the suppliers of the products.

Product quality and maintenance instructions for products from materials other than metal or glass: information provided in the “Product Warranty” section of the website for the quality certification of these products and instructions for use.

“Product Delivery”: information provided in the section with the same name of the website, regarding the conditions under which the Professional delivers the ordered products.

“Mandatory features”: Required product characteristics that are available at the time of delivery and communicated in the “Product Delivery” section of the website.

“Date of Delivery”: the date communicated by the Professional and to which the Consumer or the person designated by him is at the place of delivery and is in possession of the product ordered.

“Return of Products”: information provided in the section with the same name of the website on “Mandatory Conditions” in which the Consumer may withdraw from the distance contract. The general considerations and commercial conditions set out in this section are in line with the legal requirements applicable to distance contracts stipulated by OUG 34 of June 4, 2014.

“Green Stamp Fee” – the amount expressed in ROL paid by the Seller to the company authorized to take over the collection, transport and recovery / recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment, as required by the legislation in force.


Orders are made on the Site by adding the Goods to the Shopping Cart by the Purchaser, and then completing the Order by committing to payment by one of the express ways indicated. Once added to the shopping cart, a Good is available for purchase to the extent that there is a stock available for that. Adding a Good in the shopping cart, without completing the Order, does not entail the recording of an Order or the automatic reservation of the Good.

By completing the Order, the Buyer agrees that all of the data provided by the Purchaser, which is necessary for the purchase process, is accurate, complete and true at the time of placing the Order.

If irinavoinea.com confirms the entire order, this will imply full acceptance of the terms of the Order.

The acceptance of the Order by irinavoinea.com is considered to be complete when there is an electronic confirmation (via e-mail) from the Seller to the Purchaser that the Order has been verified and is about to enter the delivery process without requiring confirmation Receipt from the Buyer.

This Distributed Contract will become effective upon Seller’s final confirmation of the Order.

Method of payment:

Payment can be made:

– on delivery (cash);

Delivery of products:

Delivery can be done by courier quickly with one of our partners. If you opt for online payment but the paid amount is not highlighted in our accounts until the set deadline for sale, we reserve the right to delay / refuse a delivery.

Delivery is only on Romanian territory between 9.00-17.00, Monday to Friday, within 15 working days of placing and successfully confirming the order, at the specified address.

For situations where the carrier increases the delivery charge, we reserve the right, in turn, to modify this price without prior notice.

The price increase enters into force and applies to all shipments shipped after the announcement of the increase, except for those in the delivery process. If we do not deliver the products within the set deadline, you are entitled to termination of the contract.

In this case, we will refund you without undue delay all amounts paid under the contract within no more than 7 calendar days from the date on which you communicated the decision to terminate the contract for the above reason, provided that your decision. to get us ahead of the actual delivery of the ordered products.

When you or a third party designated by you, other than the carrier, becomes the physical possession of the products ordered, the risk of loss or damage to the products is transferred to you.

In the case of persons who have not fulfilled their contractual, pecuniary or other contractual obligations with the Seller, we reserve the right not to honor and send orders. If the customer requests in writing or by telephone, after the order is placed, changes to the order.