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The PRINTED IVY TROUSERS present a new merge of the traditional and the present-future. The style offers comfort, as well as a sleek elegance, with an urban relaxed fit – it is a hybrid born from the necessities of the modern man – casually cool, no effort needed, yet keeping that power attitude that tradition has laid as its foundation.

Celebrating new and old artists and all that is original, IVY teams up and gathers inspiration from current artistic movements. FREEDOM IS A STATE OF MIND is a calling for us all to open up our minds and eyes, and see.

Artwork by OBIE PLATON
Oil on Canvas, 2019.

OBIE PLATON has been a massive inspiration for IVY, the two becoming really close friends. His latest painting collection PRIME TIME was exhibited last year, while this year, this painting was sold at an auction for 18, 000 eur. At only 30 years old,OBIE is a painter, sculptor, graffiti artist – a pure visual artist. He is one of the first mural artists to take graffiti to an enterprise level. His concepts talk about the world today, the society we live in, making incredibly intelligent remarks and transforming them into a painting of us all.


100% polyester
Sublimation print
Washing instructions
Dry Clean, Hand Wash, , 30℃ Machine Wash


We believe in sustainable practices throughout the entire fashion cycle, and that extends to our shipping and return process. Since we produce each garment only after you order it, we eliminate the need for excess stock and minimize waste. We work with local ateliers and experts to produce all items by order only. 

Shipping 5-7 working days 
Return policy – You cannot return the items, but you can exchange them with different sized, models or gift cards.


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