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This enchanting hooded jacket features a breathtaking landscape print that blends serene skies with a rich tapestry of blooming flowers and lush foliage. The full-length design and flowing silhouette offer both warmth and elegance, making it an ideal choice for any season. Crafted from premium materials, this jacket ensures comfort and durability while making a bold fashion statement.

Artwork created for WINDOW TO A NEW WORLD using AI tools and other editing sofwares

Inspired by the works of Botticelli, one of the leading stars of the Renaissance, IRINA VOINEA seeks to embrace and incorporate in her latest collection the dreamy, mystical and layered meanings hidden in these works of art from the XV century.

Artists of the Renaissance were known to have studied ancient cultures and their alchemical knowledge, transmutting their art into magical talismans.

Garden of Eden is a representation of the divine beauty
that we see when the entire nature bloooms. Bathed in soft, ethereal light, this painting symbolizes the timeless cycle of growth and the sublime harmony of the natural world.

Wear this print if you want to feel relaxed and in harmony with all that is.


100% waterproof taffeta

digital print 

Washing instructions

Dry Clean


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