Ceiling Shirt

920,00 lei

IVY Ceiling Shirt x IVY Design

This short sleeve shirt is a standout piece from the IVY vs AI capsule collection following 2024 fashion trends, representing a harmonious blend of traditional artistry and modern innovation. 

Rooted in a modern interpretation of the Renaissance, this collection seamlessly integrates traditional artistry with cutting-edge technology. The AI-generated graphic designs draw inspiration from the geometric patterns and intricate detailing found in Renaissance paintings, reimagined in a contemporary style that exudes both sophistication and wearability in trend and fashion. Following the initial AI design process, IRINA VOINEA adds her own interpretation, infusing each piece with her unique artistic vision.

Named ‘Ceiling,’ this T-shirt pays homage to the awe-inspiring Renaissance ceilings found throughout the Italian art scene, evoking a sense of grandeur and transcendence. Experience the fusion of classical elegance and contemporary style with this exquisite piece from our collection.

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